To save lives and give you access to your health information when it is needed by you, your doctor, or emergency personnel. Your HealthCare Everywhere Medical Record could save your life!

Your HCE Medical Record lets you provide
doctors and other healthcare providers with
valuable information that will help improve your
quality of care.

"...In the ER time can be your enemy. Much time is lost searching for old records, old labs, old x-rays."
David Dorsner, MD
"...I would recommend that all my patients get one of these and have it on person, especially when traveling..."


Gerald Vanderpool, MD
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Each year over 100,000 people die as the result of medical errors and misdiagnoses, making it the fifth largest killer in the United States. Often the result of incomplete or inaccurate medical history. Medical errors and misdiagnosis cause more deaths than Diabetes, car accidents, breast cancer and HIV. Many of these deaths could have been prevented with the use of the HCE Medical Record. This pocket sized record contains your entire medical history as well as your contact information, next of kin, doctors contact, allergies, current medications and dosages, major illnesses, surgeries and other information that could save your life or the life of a loved one in an emergency room.

It is truly amazing in this day and age that a used car dealer can get your credit report in a matter of seconds yet an emergency room physician can't get your medical records when you are brought to the hospital unconscious or in a coma. In fact, the most critical time in an Emergency Room can be trying to collect information that could keep you alive. How do they get your history? How long will it take? Too long without your help, seconds with your HCE Medical Record.