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What is a HealthCare Everywhere Medical Record ?

How does it work?

What kind of information can be placed on the flash drive?

Is my flash drive compatible in foreign countries?

Can I get the Healthcare Everywhere Medical Record Flash Drive Through My Employer?

How can I become a representative of HealthCare Everywhere ?

Who should buy the HealthCare Everywhere Medical Record?

How much does the HealthCare Everywhere Medical USB Flash Drive cost?

What happens if I lose it?

What is your Refund / Cancellations Policy ?

What is your Shipping and Handling Policy?

What type of Products do you offer?

Your Record can be updated whenever your health condition changes.

Doctors can rely on the accuracy of the information contained on your HealthCare Everywhere Medical Record because the diagnosis, reports, comments and images come directly from your health care provider's records. The information carried on your HealthCare Everywhere Medical Record can be counted on to be accurate and from a trusted source.

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