HealthCare Everywhere Mission

To save lives and let you have access to your health information when it is needed by you, your doctor, or emergency personnel. Your HealthCare Everywhere Medical Record could save your life!

Your HCE Medical Record lets you provide doctors and other healthcare providers with valuable information that will help improve your quality of care. Your HCE Medical Record will enable you to receive faster and safer treatment in an emergency.

During a lifetime we all see numerous healthcare providers such as a family physician, an allergist, cardiologist, surgeons and many more. Each will have a medical file of information about you. With your health information scattered among many providers and many locations it is difficult to keep your medical records complete and up to date. HealthCare Everywhere wants to help you pull your information together so all your healthcare providers can see the book not just the page.

Your HCE Medical Record can hold hundreds of pages of your medical history. Small enough to be carried with you at all times, your records are compatible with most computers worldwide. Your critical medical records will be viewable by any authorized user - rest assured your personal data is password protected so only you and those you designate can see it. All your information is maintained by you, guaranteeing your privacy and making updates a snap.

Your record can be updated whenever your health condition changes.

Doctors can rely on the accuracy of the information contained on your HealthCare Everywhere Medical Record  because the diagnosis, reports, comments and images come directly from your health care provider's records. The information carried on your HealthCare Everywhere Medical Record can be counted on to be accurate and from a trusted source.

For those with chronic problems such as heart condition, epilepsy, or diabetes, a current complete and updated record means that diagnosis and treatment in an emergency situation can be timely and optimal, with the attending physician having the benefit of knowing the individual's medical history. In the case of heart attack, for instance, having access to a prior ECG is absolutely beneficial to a fast, accurate diagnosis. Even without a chronic problem, individuals generally have a limited understanding of the complexities of their medical condition and are marginally accurate regarding their medical past. Your HealthCare Everywhere Medical Record provides an unfamiliar health care provider, whether a specialist in the individuals hometown or one in a foreign country, with information regarding the individual's medical history.

HealthCare Everywhere Medical Record is a prudent precaution for everyone, not just travelers. Because medical records are not readily available away from one's primary care giver, carrying your record means individuals have the chance of receiving the most accurate diagnosis and medical treatment, wherever they are. In addition, the HCE Medical Record can mean financial savings for the individual when being treated away from home as the individual may not be required to repeat expensive diagnostic tests, the results of which would otherwise be shown on your HCE Medical Record.